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The high and disproportionate suspension rates being experienced by youth of color in most of these urban districts means that minority students are being removed from the opportunity to learn at a much higher rate than their peers..

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Our Endorsements

Dr. Diamond Cephus
Diamond Cephus

Assistant Headmaster, Edward M Kennedy Academy for Health Careers

"I would rate YMC’s presentations to our students at The Boston Counseling and Intervention Center to be among the best presentations for young people that I have witnessed and listened to in schools in my nearly 20 years of employment within the Boston Public Schools!".

Dean Dudley Rose
Dean Dudley Rose

Harvard University

"In a time when conflict and misunderstanding are rampant, YMC is clearly an effort that is able to assist young people in navigating diverse worlds and cultures in a way that leads forward, toward service and healing."

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Dr. Patrick B Reyes

Director of Strategic Partnerships for Doctoral Initiatives, Forum for Theological Exploration

"What sets Young Merchants apart from other education leaders is its mission reaches far beyond the academy and its work reverberates in the local community, inciting practical action towards the development of global citizens."

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Young Merchants Club?

YMC is a young merchants club that offers a platform for fun and creative services, ideas, business plans and gifts.
You can benefied as much as you want, whenever you want to participate as merchants or donor for funding. There's always something new to discover.

How gifts are distributed & its cost?

YMC send gifts to donors who funds our young merchants business plans. T-Shirt for $25, Hoodies for $25 and caps & socks for $25.

Where can I see business plan merchant details?

Short detail of merchant is available at the bottom of each business plan, for full detail, click details icons from website, below the business plan.

How can I cancel my Young Merchants Club subscription?

YMC is flexible. There are no pesky contracts and no commitments. You can easily get business ideas on multiple industories, drafed by our young merchants in few clicks. There are no cancellation fees – start or stop your account anytime.

How can I pay donation funds?

YMC provides the easiest online credit card payment option.